Tuition Fees 2017 - 2018

Bus Service Fees

*Special offer:

  1. Healthy refreshment is provided (twice for full day and once for half day).
  2. Health check-up is conducted every two months.
  3. Modern thermometer is used for daily measuring of student’s temperature.
  4. Student ID CARD and Parent/Guardian IDs are provided
  5. 5 % discount of tuition fee is applied to any second / third child enrolling at BIS.
    10% is applied for fourth children or more. The discount is applied to the youngest studying child.
  6. 5 % discount for each referred student. Referred student ‘s tuition fee is the basic figure to calculate the discount.

* Other Fee:

  1. Enrolment fee: $200 (one time charged)
  2. Lunch: $40/month
  3. Learning material: $75/semester
  4. Uniform: $15/set


The tuition fee must be paid up front of each quarter, semi-annual, or annual whenever the student is enrolled.

In case in the middle of the month, he/she will be pro-rated from the day of starting to the end of the quarter.

*Terms of Conditions:

– No discount for sick day or holiday

– No refund as of student not attending the school.

– Term 1 tuition fee is due at the end of September, and other terms (term 2,3, 4) tuition fees are due on the last day of previous term. Late payment is penalized $5 per day